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A 3-part LIVE online experience for the Mystical, the Magical, and the WOO!

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100% free, zero obligation, 3-Part Live Video Experience (with an online Oracle Card deck built right in!)


What is an Oracle Card Secrets Live Workshop?

(If you missed OraclePalooza 2020 Virtual, you’re not going to want to miss this!)

Join me

As I create an amazing Oracle Card Party for the Mystical, the Magical and the Woo… it’s an online experience like no other!


Wednesday, Sept 16th, 7PM-9PM ET
Friday, Sept 18th, 7PM-9PM ET
Monday, Sept 21st, 7PM-9PM ET


Via our custom website where you’ll participate in the party. You’ll get instant access once you reserve your seat.

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Edutainment, Anyone?

What’s better than solid instruction? Guidance PLUS fun!

3 evenings of education, entertainment, and prizes, but most importantly…. Insightful guidance on how to use Oracle Cards to tap into the life you desire.

At a time where COVID is still kicking our spirits to the curb, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to join in with a vibrant community of soul-inspired people. Get ready for several evenings of fresh air filled with hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

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Let the Vision for Your
Life Be Greater Than Your Fears

Oracle Cards can be a reliable place to find hope, gentle guidance, and the next steps to create your own empowering life story. Why stumble in the dark when you can navigate with confidence?


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Don’t have a deck of your own?

No worries! If you don’t have your own deck, you can use our free online card deck app!

What Do We Cover In The FREE
Live Virtual Workshop?

Live Workshop


Asking The Right Questions

Learn the language of Oracle Cards to avoid confusion.

Live Workshop


Understanding Reverse Cards

See past your fear and receive positive protection.

Live Workshop


The Secret Sauce

Understand the key ingredient that will make Oracle Cards a reliable tool for you.

Live Workshop 1 | Asking The Right Questions

This workshop shows you how to start a reading and ask questions for your highest good. That way, you can co-create meaningful synchronicities and connect to your higher power!

  • The questions to never ask
  • How to ask questions correctly, leading to personal discovery and growth
  • How to find out what your soul wants to know… instead of what your mind and emotions want to know (they are different!)
  • How to understand what the Oracle Cards reflect about your personal situation

Live Workshop 2 | Understanding Reverse Cards

This workshop shows you the unexpected blessing your cards deliver when they appear in reverse. No need to be afraid… you’ll discover how to understand their messages and move forward with confidence.

  • How to see obstacles in your path that may have tripped you in the past – and avoid them this time around
  • How to accept a closed door and trust you’ve been protected from pain or struggle
  • The mindset shift around reverse cards that will help you connect with your higher power

Live Workshop 3 | The Secret Sauce

If reading Oracle Cards is a new exploration for you, then this key ingredient will help you receive all the guidance and serendipity awaiting you.

  • How to receive the most meaningful and clear messages through Oracle Cards
  • How to understand a 3-card reading, from start to finish
  • How to peek into unseen opportunities to create (or change!) your story

The Exciting Bonuses

To the Oracle Card Secrets Virtual Workshop!

We have so much planned for each evening:

  • Exclusive Group Meditations to Raise Our Collective Energy
  • Prizes and Giveaways (includes some SWAG BOXES) to Delight You
  • Fun Teaching Segments to Increase Your Oracle Card Comfort & Skill
  • Myth Busting to Set the Record Straight
  • Q&A (Plenty of Time to Answer YOUR Questions)

For these unprecedented times, you deserve something completely unique and original, an experience that’s super-informative as well as fun, entertaining, and full of prizes, giveaways, and connection!

So if you’re a Mystical Pirate (or want to be one!), then join us for a FREE live online Oracle Card Live Workshop for the Mystical, the Magical and the Woo.

Wednesday, Sept 16th, 7PM-9PM ET   |   Friday, Sept 18th, 7PM-9PM ET    |   Monday, Sept 21st, 7PM-9PM ET

About Colette

For 30+ years, I’ve been teaching people just like you how to tune into your own magic and partner with the Universe to manifest your deepest desires. I’m so psyched to show you how Oracle Cards are the tool to make this possible!

By learning the basics to a great Oracle Card reading and gain meaningful intuitive insights, you’ll open the door to your highest good – and to magic!

• International Speaker • Bestselling Author • 12 Published Oracle Card Decks, Over 1 Million Decks Sold

Don’t Get Lost in Your Journey

To Find Guidance with Oracle Cards

…or feel afraid when your cards seem confusing! Take the first step to read Oracle Cards correctly, and access the guidance that is ready and waiting for you.