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100% free, zero obligation, 3-Part Video Workshop (with an online Oracle Card Pick built right in!)

Here's what you'll learn in this Free 3-Part
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  • How to ask the oracle the right questions to accurately reveal deep intuitive insights allowing you to make empowered decisions that can radically transform your life.
  • How to look at reversed cards as potent and protective medicine instead of negative omens. Reversed cards are like getting sage wisdom from a treasured wise person in your life.
  • How to daringly live the wisdom of the cards so you will intuitively be led to the next right step.

This free (zero pressure) online workshop will give you the empowered boldness to begin using oracle cards to make the kind of choices that shape your unique destiny.


You do not need Oracle Cards to participate,

We have an app built right into the workshop so you can dive right in.

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A note from Colette

Ever wondered how Oracle Cards work and why people are saying Oracle Cards are super empowering and life changing? ... Because they are!

I’ve guided tens of thousands of people in workshops just like this. Through this workshop you will also learn to:

Learn how I made it happen for myself and how you can too.
Best of all, it’s FUN!

Meet Colette

Colette Baron-Reid has many titles; internationally acclaimed Oracle expert, spiritual medium, best selling inspirational author published in 27 languages, recording artist, apple and cheese lover, happy wife, and dog mama to three quirky Pomeranians.

As a spiritual medium, she is also the star of the hit TV series, Messages from Spirit (Amazon Prime/YouTube), and she hosts the highly popular call-in radio show “Ask the Oracle” on HayHouseRadio.com. She has appeared on talk shows across the nation, her guest appearances include Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Oprah and Friends radio, and The Today Show.

Her Oracle cards are her most beloved and best-selling creations, derived from ancient spiritual traditions, which she has created to empower the next generation of spiritual seeker.

She is also the CEO and founder of Oracle School where students from all over the world learn how to use oracle cards to have a direct conversation with the Universe while awakening their own magic within for personal growth and empowerment.

Using her keen intuitive insights, compassionate candor, and vibrant personality, Colette delivers messages of hope and reminds us all that we can co-create the life of our dreams with the universe as our partner. Her favorite way to describe the results of working with oracle cards is, “When you open your connection to the Universe anything becomes possible….and Oracle Cards are the key to opening that connection.”

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"I have personally consulted with Colette and I find her to be 100% credible."

DR. Wayne Dyer Multiple NY Times Bestselling Author – Your Erroneous Zones, Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life

"I have used Colette's Oracle cards for many years. They are consistently the most helpful, revealing, and revelatory deck I have ever used. I swear by them."

CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP, M.D. Women's Health Expert and New York Times Best-Selling Author

"I have known Colette Baron-Reid for many years, and have had the privilege to work with her, and to call her a friend. Not only is she an amazing psychic and medium, but also her generous heart, and caring nature makes her even more special! Also her knowledge and education in esoteric subjects makes her one of the best teachers I know!"

JOHN HOLLAND Psychic Medium, Teacher and bestselling Author, Psychic Navigator

"Colette Baron-Reid is a talented seer. I honor her gift."

MARIANNE WILLIAMSON Multiple NY Times bestselling author, including A Return To Love

"Colette is one of the most gifted psychic mediums and intuitives around. Incredibly accurate, loving and wise. She’s amazing and I’m totally obsessed with her oracle cards!"

GABRIELLE BERNSTEIN NY Times bestselling author of Spirit Junkie, May Cause Miracles

"I was first introduced to Colette from another Hay House author who told me she was the most accurate intuitive this author had ever had a reading with. I have now been working with Colette for many years and I would highly recommend her Oracle School and can attest she truly is “The Oracle Queen” for both creating amazing oracle decks and teaching you about how to use oracles in your life."

Reid Tracy President and CEO of Hay House, Inc
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